divendres, 1 de juny de 2012

The Importance of Princesses and Fairies!

Today, after doing some English worksheets, I suggested the girl´s wrote their own story books. Both argeed to the idea at first, but then it some how turned into writing letters to fairies! This is still fine though; it still works on strenghting the girl´s creativity and writing skills.

Sara started with tracing a Princess from her colouring and activity book, but then decided just to cut one out, as a sort of "cover" to the book/letter. Judit however drew her own fairy from scratch!

A few days ago we made "Fairy Houses" - it was a great activity for the girl´s to test their imaganation and turn materials into tiny furtinature! Sara used her whole draw as the house, but Judit made one out of paper! Baby Jordi however unfortuantely found it, so Judit made another with an old cardboard box! (Photo Above is the new house, photo below is the old house!)

Sara giving me a tour of her fairy house; the house is actually the old tissue box (if you see closely you might spot the tissue bed!), and the objects outside form a sort of "Garden". There is even a welcome sign!

Then it came to lunchtime and the girl´s wanted to help! I got most things ready for them to make an Omelette, but the girl´s helped with peeling potatoes and cleaning up! It got a bit messy, but it still tasted really yummy!

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