dijous, 28 de juny de 2012

Word Games

Yesterday, I made a game to help the girls expand their vocabulary, and today we tested it! How the game works might seem a little complicated at first, but the girls got the hang of it almost straight away.
There are two piles of cards; one with "Easy" and one with "Hard" written on. Each card has 8 words written on the back; and the theme of the 8 words written on the front. You simply have to say as many words as you can in the time you´re allowed, and if they´re written on the card you get a point for each word! And 2 points for each "Hard" word you get!

I didn´t have a hourglass for timing, so the girls got to practice counting as well! Because they always go "12345-FINISHED!" I told them to go "1 Hannah... 2 Hannah... 3 Hannah"! Which explains why you can hear Sara counting that in the background!