dissabte, 17 de novembre de 2012

Making a calendar

This week Sara and Judit have been learning about time and dates. the girls both have an understanding of time but have a long way to go, so we work with the clock and the girls both use it to help count and give answers. We  are also going to make our own clocks so the girls have one each to work with plus its fun making them! We worked this week on the months of the year and in only two mornings both Sara and Judit can name all the months of the year in order so we decided to make a calendar, this was a lot of fun plus it really helped the girls in their learning, for every month they drew a picture, wrote which season it falls in and which number the month is. They also now both understand there are different numbers of days in each month and we will work on learning that next. After the calendar was made they had fun finding out dates for birthdays and special occasions which they wrote in it. Both girls really enjoyed making it and it has been really good as they have learned a lot but will continue to do so as we will use it daily.