divendres, 9 de novembre de 2012

One week

I wanted to show a real insight into a week in the life of the girls and homeschooling with the au pair. We have created a video throughout the week of all the different things we done. Both Sara and Judit have had an excellent week with maths and have been striving to learn more and finish their workbooks as well as playing games with times tables, Judit is moving up quickly and Sara is really starting to grasp the formats. In the clip you will also see Judit and Sara working on English homework, writing and learning to touch type. This is done everyweek with different subjects also incorperated such as science.  Both girls are really enjoying learning about the solar system at the moment so we had an afternoon of art and they painted all the planets in the correct order and correct colours. It is also important to see how both girls are learning life skills aswell, when we go to the supermarket either Judit or Sara in this instance will do the shopping and pay for it with only my supervision and the same goes for making lunch, they both work together and help each other out and continue to suprise me with what they can achieve for girls of their age.