divendres, 30 de novembre de 2012

Salt dough, veg and chickens!

This week we have been getting very excited about chrismas approaching and the girls are counting down untill Saturday when it will be December! Sara and judit have been making their own christmas cards and have made a good start to them but we will show some photographs in the next few weeks as the girls want to keep them a surprise! We decided to make decorations for the christmas tree this week using salt dough. We used a simple recepie of 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of salt and 1 cup of water and rolled it out to make christmas shaapes. Sara and Judit both made fairys, angles, stars and christmas trees. We had to wait four hours with them in the oven at a very low heat but we also allowed them a few days to really set nice and solid. We Then painted and decorated them with glitter, the girls had great fun especially at this part!

Sara and Judit getting very festive after hanging their decorations from the tree!

Also this week we would like to share a video of the children doing some of their daily tasks. Today we see them visiting the vegetable garden and picking some veg to make a salad for lunch, this is a task the girls do on their own with no help at all. After this we see the both girls visiting the chickens which they do everyday, where they collect and count the eggs and make sure the chickens have food and water.