divendres, 14 de novembre de 2014

Japan project

One project that the girls really enjoy doing is countries. They both decided they wanted to focus on a country which has a completely different culture to the one that they are used to. This week we focused on Japan because it has a very distinctive culture with a lot of interesting history. The girls each took turns to research on the computer different facts about Japan which can be seen in the video. The project also helped with the girls creative side by drawing the national dress of Japan. Lastly, This week we had help from Jordi who was very eager to have his input in the project and showed just how much he has learnt when it comes to drawing letters, he was able to write,colour  and stick down on paper  the word  “Japan” with minimal help from myself. This project was a great way to help the girls and Jordi learn about a different culture while focusing on their english speaking, english writing and creativity all at once.